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Jacey and Cody grew up in Illinois and first met in high school through mutual friends. These two are very recently engaged and Jacey also just moved to Phoenix for an exciting new job opportunity. I give mad props to Jacey because a move to a new state, a new job, AND planning a wedding has got to be a lot to handle!

Jacey was a fifth grade teacher for five years but was ready for a change, and I’m grateful that change led her right to sunny Arizona because that’s how I was able to photograph this awesome engagement session! Cody is an artist and sculptor and these two together are without a doubt one gorgeous and stylish couple.

I loved how they wanted to have their session at a desert location. Being from the midwest, the desert is a truly beautiful and unique landscape, even though we forget that sometimes after living here for awhile. It’s refreshing to have a client who embraces the desert setting and I completely appreciate that about Jacey and Cody.

This couple was such a blast to photograph. We were able to get a wide variety of photos and they were so natural and sweet with each other! Cody has the ability to make Jacey laugh quite a bit and it’s pretty apparent they have tons of fun together. I’m convinced these two are going to have a beautiful wedding day and a happily ever after!

Congrats Jacey and Cody!




It takes a brave and adventurous women to give outdoor boudoir a try and this gorgeous woman was exactly that. What I love about this session is how real and natural it feels. She was beyond stunning and fit perfectly among the Arizona woods. The photos of her in the water were instantly personal favorites of mine because she seems to be so free, peaceful, and connected with the nature surrounding her!

You’re simply not going to find the same ol’ white room, champagne glasses and stilettos boudoir look when you do an outdoor boudoir session. And that’s a huge part of why it’s my favorite. Just real, natural beauty in the great outdoors…

  • Samantha - Breathtaking outdoor boudoir shoot Jillian! The colors and natural beauty are beautiful backdrops for this stunning model!!ReplyCancel

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  • Brittany - These are absolutely amazing. The one with the men’s shirt and huge smile is my favorite, but you’re right the water ones are also super stunning.ReplyCancel

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Imagine if Barbie was a real woman, who was also extremely intelligent, confident, and laid back. I think she’d come out as Lilly. Seriously, this girl is a stunner with her beautiful blonde hair and bright blue eyes!

Lilly is one of my Arizona State University senior representatives for the graduating class of 2015. She’s truly a cool person and working with her was a piece of cake. Here’s why:

It had been a rainy week when we went out for this session and the location was a still wet. Not only that, but there were tons of mosquitos out and a park ranger who was eyeing her up constantly throughout the shoot. I think he interrupted our session at least 30 times so he could check her out, oh I mean, “ask if we needed anything.” Riiight. Haha!

But even that didn’t stop us from having a successful session. Lilly was down to stand in the mud, lay on the ground, and do whatever uncomfortable things I suggested. I always appreciate that and 100 percent believe it pays off in the photos:)

Another thing I admire about Lilly is how she did her own hair and makeup for the shoot. She looked flawless! Man, I wish I had those kinda skills!

There’s no doubt this gorgeous girl is going places. She wants to do marketing when she graduates and knows her way around social media. That’s a true asset for any business these days!

Plus, I know if I was an employer and saw one of these head shots on her email account or LinkedIn profile, it’d definitely catch my eye. It’s easy to see she’s a put together, vibrant, and outgoing individual.

Getting to know Lilly has been such a wonderful experience. She’s easy to talk to, easy to connect with, and all around such a blast to photograph.

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  • Brittany - I love your description of this shoot! So true lol! The colors and lighting of this shoot are soooo perfect and the model is truly gorgeous.ReplyCancel

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