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The Sanderson Sisters are back this Halloween! They’ve been sucking the souls out of hundreds of small children and they’re more youthful than ever before!

The inspiration for this Hocus Pocus themed boudoir shoot came from one of the models. After all, what gal doesn’t love to dress up for Halloween? Plus, it’s an awesome idea for a shoot just in time for the best holiday!

Winifred and Mary Sanderson put together all of the props and did their own hair, makeup, and costume design. The Book of Spells was hand-crafted by Mary herself, and that’s pretty impressive.

Thackery Binx (who was borrowed from Kitt’s Kitten Rescue) even made an appearance with these witchy sisters. Be sure to stop by the Kitt’s Kitten website to officially adopt this sweet, black cat or to make a donation for kittens in need!

Happy Halloween!

“Why was I cursed with such IDIOT sisters?” 
A black river??
“Tis firm! Tis firm as stone! Why it’s a road!”
Featuring Mary Sanderson:

Next up, Winifred Sanderson!

Last but not least, Sarah Sanderson!
The Book of Spells
I Put a Spell on You, and Now You’re Mine…
The Black Flame Candle
A virgin must light the black flame candle to resurrect the Sanderson Witches!  

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Recently I photographed one of my best photography friends, Myrian Peery, of Whimsical Light Photography with her adorable girls, Maya and Mila.

It can be challenging to run a small, photography business, and even my husband, who sees and helps out a ton, doesn’t completely understand all that goes into it sometimes. Which is why it’s extremely important to have friends in the industry to turn to for support and advice.

I’m super grateful to have met Myrian because she’s been a great friend and mentor to me. She’s always there to help with any photography questions I have and I love that I can count on her for real, honest advice. It was actually thanks to her that I finally got on the ball and updated my logo! Myrian has helped me grow professionally in so many ways.

I truly admire what a completely badass lady Myrian is. She’s a talented photographer, business owner, and mother. Myrian is raising two intelligent and polite girls and it’s inspiring to see how she’s able to manage it all.

We found this spot for her family photos on the way to shoot a wedding in Laveen. Sometimes the best spots are found just by driving around and finding a little patch of trees or nature on the side of the road, and that’s exactly the case for this location.

It was a blast hanging out with Myrian and getting to know her cute girls! Plus, I loved the way the photos turned out!


It was a cool, overcast day when Emily, one of my grad reps for the year, and I went out to photograph her graduation session in Laveen. Normally I love it when the sun is shining brightly, but on this particular day, the soft, overcast light was more gorgeous than anything I could have asked for. It helped make for a dreamy look which felt pretty perfect for Emily’s photos, especially with her beautiful flow-y dress!

I was also stoked to photograph at this new location, especially the orchard of palm trees. I had passed by it while on my way to second shoot at a wedding and I’d never seen anything like it. I knew instantly this had to be the spot for the session.

Everything about Emily’s session felt calm and peaceful, basically because I think that’s just how Emily is. She was so relaxed and laid back during her session and it was difficult not to pick up on that calming energy. The whole shoot felt super chill and she was such a breeze to photograph. Plus, she has this sweet, natural beauty that fit perfectly in the great outdoors.

Emily is one of those rare girl’s who has a passion for sports. She currently interns with the Phoenix Coyotes and hopes to get a job in the sports industry after she graduates a semester early from Arizona State University. It’s easy to see Emily is a bright person with a great attitude, and I have no doubt she’ll land a career she loves!

If you’d like to view more graduation sessions, click here.

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