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Well, hello there! I’m Jill. And let me tell ya, as a kid, I hated getting my photo taken.

For most of my childhood I rocked hillbilly whale teeth and a haircut befitting a mythical squire (my sisters called it “the Prince John”).

Instead of embracing that mess, we dressed up in matching polos, hiked out to a laser-landscaped venue and forced grins.

The result was not flattering.

I say, screw that. Let’s roll with the crazy.

Let’s go outside. Be barefoot. Get weird.

Let’s capture your truest, strangest beauty with photos so gorgeous you can’t wait to share them.

Photography should be as weird and wonderful as you are.


You can count on me to style for your personality and pose for your body.

You’ll never have to wonder if we’re getting the right shots.

(Wanna see for yourself? Mosey on through my portfolio.)

Because life’s too short to feel insecure.

I’ll take the awkwardness out of the equation (by taking most of it on myself) so you can relax, have fun, and of course — look awesome.

Sound good?

Then, I’m your sir!

Fill out this quick little form and let’s do the damn thing!


  1. I live with two gorgeous guys. (And two nasty, poop-eating dogs.)
  2. I love creepy big-eyed things, including: Ewokish canines (even ones that eat poop), Blythe dolls and Gary Baseman.
  3. My ultimate girl crush is Alabama Worley. (She’s so cool.)
  4. My pug Patsy Loo likes to dress up as Martha Washington.
  5. I prefer a weekend stay at a local trailer park over a Caribbean cruise.
  6. The Notebook is a cute movie but I’ll cry 10x harder watching Milo & Otis.
  7. I HATE Credit Cards and LOVE Dave Ramsey. (Screw you Mastercard! You’ll never be my master, so suck it!)
  8. I do not recommend working for lawyers.
  9. I feel most beautiful when barefoot.
  10. My first ever photoshoot was with my best friend, Pudgy the Pug. (He passed away shortly after but those sloppy, lo-fi images will forever be my favorite.)